LeadGrabber Pro Training Resources

LeadGrabber Pro Training Resources

Knowledgebase Articles

  1. How to build the targeted Lead Lists from LinkedIn Groups? - More Info
  2. Capturing LinkedIn searches with more than 1000 profiles - More Info
  3. How to Grab from LinkedIn recruiter Talent Pipeline - More Info
  4. How to narrow down prospects using Boolean searches in LinkedIn - More Info
  5. Build a list of email addresses with LinkedIn URL - More Info
  6. How to target prospects from suburbs of a region using LinkedIn - More Info

Help Videos

  1. Grab Likes of a LinkedIn post - Watch Video
  2. Grab attendees of LinkedIn events - Watch Video
  3. Account based searches in LinkedIn - Watch Video
  4. Lead Searches using LinkedIn sales navigator -  Watch Video
  5. Import existing excel file into LDG and research for business emails - Watch Video

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    • I am unable to sign into Salesforce via LeadGrabber Pro. How to fix it?

      If you want to sign into Salesforce via LeadGrabber Pro, You need to enter your valid login credentials – Username & Password followed by the Security Token. Once you have logged in, a status - Logged in successfully is displayed.
    • How to install LeadGrabber Pro?

      This article will demonstrate how to install LeadGrabber Pro on your device. To install LeadGrabber Pro you must have the LeadGrabber Pro application setup file (*.exe) and license key provided from eGrabber. Check your email sent by ...
    • How to check the remaining counts on LeadGrabber Pro and LeadGrabber Pro MF?

      LeadGrabber Pro enables you to check the balance counts that are remaining for your add-ons. Click Add-on's Check Meter > Check Meter on the LeadGrabber Pro Menu bar. The LeadGrabber Pro Add-on's Check Meter dialog box is displayed. It displays the ...
    • How to Paste Records into LeadGrabber Pro Grid

      LeadGrabber Pro enables you to copy and paste the contact details from different sources into the contact grid. You can copy and paste single or multiple addresses; copy and paste contact details from an Excel/CSV file, from professional networking ...
    • How to change views in the LeadGrabber Pro Grid?

      LeadGrabber Pro enables you to view the extracted contact information in the grid using different views. You can view the extracted information in the following views: Click on the icons to display the respective views: All Columns View - Displays ...