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How to target prospects in the suburbs of a region?

The process is explained with an example of targeting the suburbs of Chicago.

Example: How to pull a list in the suburbs of Chicago vs downtown Chicago?

There are 3  ways that people normally do this on LinkedIn

This is a screenshot of Sales Navigator search. (link here)
You can type in Chicago and LinkedIn gives you a breakdown of areas inside Chicago
If this breakdown is not granular enough for you, try the next suggestion

2. Using Postal Code - Narrowest region search you can perform on LinkedIn

Try this sample search (link here)
This search focuses on just one Zipcode of Chicago - 60601 + a 10 mile radius
Now, you can add your specific keywords and other filters to this.

To get a list of all zip code regions of Chicago, here's one website which can help out: (link here)

3. Narrowest search possible - 1 mile radius - this requires a tech-savvy person

The previous search gave you people in a 10 mile radius.
If you say that 10 miles is too much, and you want it down to 1 mile, then you can do that too!

But you have to modify the URL in the browser.
For instance, this is the URL of a search for CEOs in the Chicago 60601 zip code + 10 mile radius

You need to change the text highlighted in yellow to   radius=1

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