How to install LeadGrabber Pro?

How to install LeadGrabber Pro?

This article will demonstrate how to install LeadGrabber Pro on your device.

To install LeadGrabber Pro you must have the LeadGrabber Pro application setup file (*.exe) and license key provided from eGrabber.

Check your email sent by '' and Subject line is 'Purchase License Key for LeadGrabber Pro'.
We will send you the setup file and instructions to download. Download the setup file from the provided link.

Step 1: Locate your .exe file

  1. Navigate to the download folder where the LeadGrabber Pro setup file is available.
  2. Double click the setup file

Tip: It will be named as "LeadGrabberPro_setup_" the file type is "Application" extension is *.exe.

Step 2: Accept the License agreement

  1. Once double clicked the setup file a dialog box pops up. 
  2. Click 'Proceed with Installation'

3. In the next dialog box click 'Yes- I Accept License Agreement'

Step 3: Enter your information

Enter 'User' & 'Company' Name. Once done press 'Next' at the bottom.

Step 4: Copy License Key

The next dialog box will ask for license key. Your License key was sent to the email you provided us.

1. Open your email account and look for eGrabber email which has License Key. Which will look like the picture below.

Note: The order number is different than License Key. Copy the boxed area which has 20 characters series of numbers and alphabets in capital letters.

Step 5: Paste License Key

Now paste the copied License key in the dialog box.
Click 'Next' once done.

It takes couple of minutes to process. LeadGrabber Pro will download supporting files and prepare the application.

Step 7: Paste License key (Registration)

In this registration dialog box, paste the license key once again and click 'Register Now'

Step 8: Fill Registration Form

Now register the license key by entering your 'Name' , 'Company Name', and 'E-mail address'. Hit 'Submit' once done.

Hit 'Next' after.

Click on 'Register- I Agree To No Refund Policy'

Hit 'Next' after

Finally click on 'Continue' to launch LeadGrabber Pro.

LeadGrabber Pro will be ready to use. You can find user guide in the home page of LeadGrabber Pro also you can find it in the same email we sent the license key.

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