How to grab profiles after the daily limit of 500? Does LeadGrabber has any solutions for this issue?

How to grab profiles after the daily limit of 500? Does LeadGrabber has any solutions for this issue?

This article will demonstrate how to simplify your process of grabbing a large volume of data using a function called "Auto-Split Search".

LinkedIn has restrictions on the number of people profiles you can open in a day. LeadGrabber Pro stays in the limit and stops grabbing 500 profiles everyday. To know more please refer this link:  Once the limit of 500 profiles is done for today, how do I continue to grab the left over profiles next day through LinkedIn?

To grab 500 LinkedIn profiles daily effortlessly, follow the steps below.
1. Launch LeadGrabber Pro and click on star like icon above the grid called 'Favorites').
2. From the dropdown select the option 'LinkedIn (Lead Builder)'
    (Note: Auto-Split search will work only in LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead search)

Step 2: Search for your target market

For Example: The search result in the bottom is made for leads in 'Marketing' in 'United States' under Industries like 'Marketing & Advertising', 'Computer Software', and 'Information Technology & Services'.

Tip: For better results, restrict your search to less than 20000 leads by defining target regions, Industries, seniority level,. etc.

In this step we are going to break a very large volume of search results into smaller chunks, by doing so you won't lose out any valuable information. To do so click on 'Auto-Split Search' on the toolbar above grid.

Step 4: Give a campaign name for your easy reference

1. In Auto-Split Search dialog box, give your Campaign a name under 'Campaign Name'.
2. The 'Approx. size of each segment (# of leads)' is set to 500 as default. Which is the daily limit to grab LinkedIn profiles, so leave it as it is.
3. Press 'Go >>' on the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

After you press 'GO >>' it will take less than 5 minutes to complete. While loading it looks like the picture below.

Once the process is completed, an Excel file will open which has the details of the segmented URLs. This file will be saved in your local folder.

Step 5: Add to Favorite

1. LeadGrabber Pro segregated the result into smaller chunks.
    For Example: The search result of 6500 total leads are segmented into 10 smaller URLs
2. The details of segmented URLs is displayed in the dialog box.
3. Choose the option 'Add to Favorites' in the bottom of the dialog box. So the smaller URLs will become easily accessible

Once you chose 'Add to Favorites' Click on 'Favorites' icon  in the middle of the tool bar. Select 'Auto-Split' Under that choose your campaign (this article has chose 'Marketing' as campaign name), The segmented URLs are available under your respective campaign.

From the dropdown select first option for first day and second option for second day and so on. Then start grabbing profiles every day.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I did an Auto-Split yesterday and forgot where I saved the excel file with all the links. Is there a way to get it back?
Yes, there is a way to retrieve past Auto-Split history. Just click this button.

It will open the local folder where the Excel files have been saved. You can find the file under the campaign name you have done the Auto-Split Search.

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