How to build a list of LinkedIn event attendees?

How to build a list of LinkedIn event attendees?

This article will demonstrate how to build a list of LinkedIn event attendees using LeadGrabber Pro.

  1. Open LeadGrabber Pro.
  2. Click the favorites button.
  3. From the drop-down select LinkedIn (Home)

Step 2: Search for Target Market

  1. In your LinkedIn search bar type the event title. (Example: 'Marketing', 'Finance', 'Innovation Solutions', 'GreenTech Summit'..etc )
  2. Press 'Enter' or Click 'see all results'

4. The result page shows the results of the typed keyword.
5. Select the 'Events' icon in the filters.

Step 3: Select desired event.

  1. From the list of events select the one you wish to grab the attendees list. 

2. The selected even page will display the attendee list.
    (Tip: If the attendee list is not visible, enroll for the event)
3. Click on the number of attendees.

Step 4: Initiate the Grab

  1. The list of attendees is ready to get grabbed.
  2. Now press the bright orange color button on top called 'Grab'.

3. Now LeadGrabber Pro will start grabbing all the attendees.
4. For Detailed information please proceed as follows,
      5. For the AutoNext function please proceed as follows,

Step 5: Grabbing

  1. The attendees list will be prepared as shown in the picture below.

Step 6: Appending

  1. On completion of this list, LeadGrabber Pro uses the 'Append' function to automatically captures emails and phone numbers.

There are two ways of transferring or exporting the contact data from LeadGrabber Pro to Microsoft Excel.

  1. Copy to Excel (In *xlsx,*.excl format with a customized template). This works best for passing on the contacts to another person or some other team. The contacts are also formatted for import to any CRM.
  2. Export in CSV format. This works best if there is any problem in using the Copy to Excel, or if you want to specifically export data into a different folder.

Option 1: Copy to Excel

Click the 'Copy' button on the toolbar. Under copy click on 'Copy All to New Excel (eGrabber)' menu option.

If you want to transfer only selected rows to Excel then check-mark the items in LeadGrabber Pro grid as shown below. Then hit the 'Copy Selected to new Excel (eGrabber)'  menu option.

The data will be exported data to a new Excel file on the desktop. The file will be named with today's date so that it's easy to find.

The 3rd worksheet of the Excel file is best suited for importing into any CRM. It has some data formatted in a few special ways.
  1. First name and Last name are parsed and separated into different fields. 
  2. Degrees (like MD, Ph.D) and other emoji's that are present in the name are removed and sanitized so that email merge is cleaner
  3. A new sanitized company column is added, with company suffixes removed. For example, "eGrabber Inc" is copied to this table as "eGrabber" so that you can use this field for email merge in your CRM or email cadence system,
  4. LinkedIn profile URLs are expanded so that you can import them into any CRM field

Option 2: Export to CSV

When the database is ready to be transferred which resembles something like below.

On the top left corner go to 'File' and under the file menu click on 'Export to CSV'

You will be asked to name the file. So, provide a name. 
Then all the contact details will be exported to a CSV file, which will be compatible with any database application.

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