How to Auto-Split a search manually (or) without Build Queue Mode?

How to Auto-Split a search manually (or) without Build Queue Mode?

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to auto split a search manually without using Build Queue Mode.

To auto split a search manually, try the following steps:
  1. Login to your Sales Navigator account via LeadGrabber Pro's internal browser.
  2. Search for profiles that match your criteria.
  3. Once the search results are displayed, click  on the LeadGrabber Pro internal browser toolbar.

An Auto-Split Search dialog box is displayed.


Under Approx. size of each segment (# of leads), click the drop-down arrow and select the number of leads that you want to have in each segment.

The minimum number of leads is 400 and the maximum is 1000.
  1. Enter the Campaign Name.
  2. Once you have selected the number of leads, click Go.
LeadGrabber Pro splits the search results into segments of the given size.

Once it is done, the results (with segment numbers, segment size and Tiny URLs) are automatically exported to a CSV file.

The CSV file also has the main search result URL, number of search results, number of segments, segmented records and the number of downloads.



Add to Favorites – Click to add the segment URLs as favorites in the LeadGrabber Pro internal browser.

Now, you have added the search segments (URLs) as Favorites.

To access these links,

On the LeadGrabber Pro internal browser toolbar, click Favorites > Auto-Split and mouse over on the Auto-Split Search campaign name.


The search links that were split into URLs of small segments are displayed.

You can manually click each link and then grab & process the records.

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