Steps to do Advanced LinkedIn Search

Steps to do Advanced LinkedIn Search

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1. Launch LeadGrabber Pro and log into your LinkedIn account via LeadGrabber Pro’s internal browser and Perform an Advanced LinkedIn Search

2. Now, click Sales Navigator option in LinkedIn, this will open your Sales Navigator page in a new tab.

3. In Sales Navigator click “Advanced” and “Search for Leads”

4. Enter relevant Keywords, Title, Location and Industry. Click Search.

5. This will list the search results in LinkedIn, from here click Grab in LeadGrabber Pro tool.

6. The “Grab function will get the basic information from LinkedIn and will list that in a grid format

7. Once we have the list in the grid, Click “Append Contact info” “Append Selected” choose “Email” and “Phone” to research for the business email addresses.

8. This will research for the business emails and phones and fill in the missing information in the grid.

9. To export the list to excel, Select Copy and Copy all to new excel

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