How do I setup the Build Scheduler?

How do I setup the Build Scheduler?

This article assumes that you have the Build Scheduler plugin activated for your license. If this is not the case, reach out to us at

Check if the Build Scheduler plugin is activated for your license

If you see this button in your LeadGrabber, then the plugin is activated for your license.

How to Setup the Build Scheduler?

Step 1: Switch on the Build Scheduler

Clicking this button will switch it ON.

This is what it looks like when it's ON and ready.

Step 2: Look for your target prospects on Sales Navigator

The Build Scheduler currently works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Open a new browser tab inside LeadGrabber, go to Sales Navigator and apply your search filters to find your target prospects. 

Step 3: Add to the Build Queue

Click the Orange Grab button 

If you see this popup window, that means you have tried to add a search which has more than 2,500 records to the queue. If you are just trying to get started, choose "No" and click "Go". If you want to get the full list, you can choose Yes and this will start an Auto-Split process to break up the larger search into smaller chunks.  

You will be presented with options to control your build.

For best results, do the following:
  1. Give a Build Name, this helps you track it later
  2. Check the box after the Build Name, this will create a folder in LeadGrabber which matches the build name
  3. Give the number of records that you want processed - if this number is more than 2,500, then Build Scheduler will offer to auto-split the list for you and process in a schedule over many days
  4. Leave the "Dupe-Check" check mark ON, so that duplicates are eliminated and not captured
  5. Make sure the Business Email Address and Busines Phone check marks are ON, so that you will get those appended in the process
  6. Give an email address to which you would like the list delivered after the Build is complete. 
Finally, click "Add to queue" button. 


Your build is successfully added to the Queue if you see this. Now all you have to do is leave the PC ON, and leave LeadGrabber ON. The Build Scheduler will automatically start the process after a couple of minutes and will email you the list when its done. 

How do I know when it will complete?

The Build Scheduler grabs up-to 500 records a day. So depending on how many records you asked it, you can estimate how many days it will take.
Please make sure:
  1. Your PC is turned ON and connected to the Internet. If you are using a laptop, please make sure its connected to direct power. 
  2. Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account should be signed in,  inside the LeadGrabber browser
  3. Your LeadGrabber is open 
The Build Scheduler is preset to run only during regular work hours, but if you like to change this and make it work during the night, you can click "Edit Global Settings" and change the time slider.

Can I add multiple Builds in the Queue?

Yes you can! Just repeat the steps 2 & 3 above. When you add multiple builds, they look like this.

Once a build is in the queue, you can stop it, remove it, or change the order by dragging them up or down.

What are the Build Scheduled, Build Completed and Build Drafts Folders?

The Build Scheduled folder is great if you want to re-visit any search weekly / monthly and Grab the new records which appear there. For example, if you have a search of VP's who changed jobs in the last 90 days, you can schedule a build to run in the next 90 days and it will start at that time. That build will be placed in the Build Scheduled folder. 

When a build is completed, it goes to the Build Completed folder. You can go to that folder to export the list or to see which LeadGrabber folder the leads are stored in.

The Build Drafts folder is when you have setup a build but you want to defer it to some unknown date. 

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