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How Append Postal Address Works?

This article explains the workflow, limitations of Append Postal Address Component. 


Append postal address searches for the postal address of the given company based on its website. 

IO Details

Input: Company Name or Web Domain
Output: Company Postal Address based on its Head Quarter website



  1. Postal Address will receive only company name or web domain as input. 
  2. If web domain is given as input, go to step 7.
  3. If company name is given as input, it will search for domain name in Google using IPO. 
  4. There are chances sometimes IPO fails due to several reasons, which results in process getting aborted. 
  5. Sometimes, Google may give incorrect details (similar company domain), which results in incorrect details grabbed. 
  6. If web domain could not be found, the process is aborted. 
  7. Once web domain is found, we consider the received web domain as company home page.
  8. Few companies may let us choose to redirect to regional home pages, which gives empty results.(see screenshot 1 below)
  9. Software searches for the quick links available in the website. 
  10. Quicklinks are the company related informative pages such as About us, contact us page.
  11. In each of the pages, software searches for address pattern.
  12. If we get the address in first page, we skip the second page and add the data to the grid. 

Postal Address is meant for "Use - As - IS" which is a free feature and it works only as mentioned above. 


Apple Inc has been given as input, finds the web domain Finds the quicklinks, About us and Contact us. Fails to find address in About us, finds the address in Contact us. Adds the details to the grid. 

Screenshot 1: 

In this case, does not have any address in About us page and wants the user to redirect to regional site. Our software will check only and gives empty result. It will not look into Redbus India website. 

Note: If a list of prospects belonging to same company is processed, Append Postal Address gives same address details to all the prospects.